There have been some picky customers asking for us to grab a “fresh copy” from the magical back room. The stockroom isn’t anything special. It’s where we receive in shipments and then push those shipments out to the floor. That’s about it. If people want a clean copy of a book, not much happens to them out on the shelf except gather a bit of dust. You can’t avoid a human touching the book before you get to it. Someone somewhere will be using their hands to move that book from one place to another, from the publisher distributing it, to our distribution centers (or our competition’s), to the small, personal bubble mailers or cardboard envelopes that get shipped to your personal address, a human touched the book. Checking in the back is just us looking at our cell phone for a bit, maybe talking to whoever is working in the stockroom for a bit, and then “find” a fresh copy of the book.