I think the worst thing about the harassment sensitivity training is that it’s all a slide show that someone reads to you. The words are there, and you’d probably be able to breeze through the course yourself, but every sentence, every word is read to you and you can’t skip forward. You have to wait until it finishes reading it for you. The multiple choice answers can get very frustrating too when you didn’t know you had to choose all three of the “correct” answers. When you get the “incorrect, try again” message it starts you all over with reading the whole question AGAIN. Then there are the annoyingly obvious incorrect answers that are pretty insulting to your intelligence. I know the course is necessary, but is there not another way, a better way, to present the material?
After 2-ish hours of that ordeal, you’re left with some unresolved frustration and anger. Someone should be hurt for how insipid and time wasting it was. It may as well be Ben.