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So the time clock system has been updated and integrated into DayForce, the program that runs scheduling and time off requests and stuff like that.

I understand the decision to have the time clock system set up with very specific times for lunch break and the like, certain states have pretty strict labor laws and pretty litigious employees (COUGH COUGHcaliforniaCOUGH COUGH COUGH!).

There is a bit of oversight in missing the big, glaring holiday season that will soon befall us already beleaguered retail workers. Sometimes we can’t even get away to clock out for a lunch even fifteen minutes past what was scheduled. Lines form, coworkers get sick, and hopefully we can all come together as a team and rise above it, but I am fairly pessimistic around holiday season stuff. It feels like it’ll be more of a disaster than anything else.

The Bookstore has been known to shut down certain automated programs like email prompts during busy times though. Maybe they’ll stretch out that lunch window a bit more between November through mid January?