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I’m waiting for the turn now. Waiting for enough people to be tired of this holiday creep to swear off any holly and/or jolly until December 13th for the official Twelve Days of Christmas And That’s Enough to be a thing.
But money is so nice to have and finding ways to get more of someone else’s money even earlier than last year is such a good business move, if it wasn’t I wouldn’t be hearing Silent Night in the middle of November.

We had Richard Paul Evans come in for a book signing a little more than a week ago. It seemed to go off fine from what I hear. I’ve heard mixed things about the author himself though, like he’s kind of full of himself or something. I don’t know personally. Never met him. I don’t fancy his taste in subject matter though. Christmas everything. Not at all my type of book. I just wonder how many more books can this guy write about Christmas that’ll keep people buying?