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I have heard this orientation speech a few times over the years. The “we do this every day” can be believed by certain managers, or certain management teams. They will put a focus on the products that make up around 20% of daily revenue for the store. It’s always refreshing when I’m working with a whole team of managers that are on top of things.

Other times it’s hard not to laugh incredulously, or bitterly, at that statement. I’ve seen these High Priority Promotional Front List carts sit in the stock room for over a month with no one even giving the cart a second glance.

Of the stores that have been closed due to lack of a good record of sales figures to justify paying the increase on the lease of the property. One wonders where the priorities lie with merchandise managers who don’t get around to merchandising…their merchandise.

It can be difficult to do that job. Especially for a merchandise manager who’s low on the totem pole and only given closing shifts. But it can, does, and will continue to be done. A lack of focus on keeping those core sales figures from day to day can really only fall on the shoulders of the store manager. Lark really, really sucked at all of that. His focus on catty office politics, black listing schedules for good employees, and general awfulness didn’t do the store he ran any favors.