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This just happened exactly a week ago. At least every other call is someone asking if we’re open for business, and when we’ll be closing. It doesn’t begin and end with Christmas Eve. New Years Eve and Independence Day tend to get these calls a lot as well.
It has been an incredibly stressful year for me, 2018 will not be looked back on quite so favorably. Although I have a lot of people to thank for helping me get through it.
First and foremost, my wife Brittany. She was right there with me through all of this mess AND was pregnant through most of it. I love you.
My brother Tommy was, and still is, a trooper. You rock, dude!
John, you helped out a lot more than you think.
Christiana was amazing as always.
The entirety of my wife’s family. Your generosity has been so incredible. I have a hard time putting into words how grateful I am for your support.
And, of course, all of my awesome patrons! Your support has helped us out tremendously. I have tried to stay as consistent as possible through the moves, intense family crises, transfers, extra jobs, and any other crazy stuff I’m probably blocking out now. Thank you all for staying around and paying me to make this comic. You’re amazing people.