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The headsets have greatly improved communication at work. I don’t dispute it at all. It’s great for that. I wish we had something a little more comfortable, a little sleeker. Something a touch more ergonomic.

A sweaty ear is a tiny, minor complaint to these things. I like them a lot and I’ve been wondering why it took so long for The Bookstore to get them. Target, Walmart, and similar have been using them for a while now. I’m at least happy we jumped on board now.

…It can’t just be the stores I’ve worked at. I think the company has a problem with finding good help in the janitorial services. Lack of soap refills, poorly mopped floors, and skipping the refills of toilet paper are a constant issue no matter which company has been hired on. One of the worst feelings in the world to have is when you reach for some paper and all you find is the empty cardboard roll. Thank goodness for those headsets.