With all the little pins attached to peoples’ name tags at work, I got to thinking about what they represented. The year pins, the promotional pins for Harry Potter and the like, the “nük smart” pin… Then there was that 3% pin. I know it was supposed to be some company wide goal for a percent to sales for the Reader’s Advantage or whatever, but a pin ain’t gonna help us there.

I decided that my 3% pin represented something else. We’ve all had a day or two when we fielded an extremely difficult customer, or got chewed out by a manager for something that wasn’t our fault, or we were the one that was called to clean a …a “mess” in the restroom. For all of that stuff, I have the 3% pin. That 3% is just enough to keep me there. It’s the percentage that says, “hey, at least you’re getting paid for this.”