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Finally, the normal, not anime watching populace get to share an experience that a lot of anime fans have dealt with for a long time. Disappointment in something they fell in love with. There have been plenty of manga adaptations that start out so good only to catch up to the current narrative, surpass it, add filler episodes, have a vague notion of how to end the story, and then crap out a half-hearted, contrived, unsatisfactory ending.

Sometimes we were lucky and an updated better adaptation came along down the line. I don’t know if that’s going to happen with Game of Thrones.

I have a notion that GRRM is actually going to finish his sixth and seventh book in record time now that the show is over. He has a wonderful example of things that he can stay away from in the story, and take things in an unforeseen direction.

Maybe he’ll keep trying to write that perfect sixth book and never be able to finish it in his lifetime. Maybe he’ll partner up with Brandon Sanderson and have the series wrapped up just like Sanderson did for Robert Jordan. That Sanderson guy must not do anything but sit at a computer and furiously type out sci-fi and fantasy stories for a good 17 hours a day. Maybe George R R Martin and Patrick Rothfuss are in some sort of anti-race to see who can stall out and take the longest to finish writing a follow up to a beloved series of books.

Whatever happens, the whole thing will be spoiled well before I can find time or interest to read or watch the series and all I’ll have to do is refresh the main page of Facebook to get all the pertinent information of Tyrion, Sansa, Arya, and Crazy Dragon Lady. Oh, and Jonny Snowman. I believe he’s important.