This comic is the culmination of many different memories and experiences. A couple coworkers of mine have shared stories of how they had to deal with really drunk/stoned customers before. Talking about those with my brother Jason we started to think back on how some of our friends messed with stoned/drunk people too. A particular friend came to my mind. This friend went to his high-out-of-his-mind brother on three or four separate occasions within the span of thirty minutes telling his stoner brother that he owed my friend twenty bucks. Stoner brother paid him back each time.

This comic also brings about my early childhood fascination with ventriloquism. 19 to 20 years ago it was hard to find anything about ventriloquism or its techniques. Local libraries in my area had one tiny book, more of a pamphlet. I gleaned what I could, I never figured out how to keep my lips still when pronouncing words with “B,” “M,” or “P” though.

Anyway, mix all that stuff up, add to the fact that this strip was written at like, 12 to 1am and you have a really strange comic!