So Groundhog Day was yesterday. That fuzzy creature can predict many things about winters. There’s another fuzzy creature that is less than accurate with predictions. GRRM has said that the manuscript for his sixth book in the Song of Ice and Fire saga “Winds of Winter” was going to be finished by the end of 2015. That’s come and gone now. I wouldn’t be surprised to see another winter pass him by before he finishes it.

I’d say for him to just take his time. He seems to be the type who doesn’t do well on deadlines. We can all wait. Well, those who care can wait. I’ve been burned before on sprawling, nigh-endless fantasy epics. Robert Jordan never finished his saga. He died, and I was pretty much done with his stuff by book 9 out of 15 (book 13 was freaking 3 books!), and Brandon Sanderson picked up the slack.

For those complaining, be grateful he’s still alive, he’s in relatively good health, and he’s still writing. I lost my favorite author, Terry Pratchett, last year and I never will have another opportunity to look forward to a new book from him ever again.