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I had an opportunity to take a day off! My wife’s family came into town to visit with us and see our new baby and stuff, there was a nice mountain to going skiing on a couple hours away. My wife and her family are avid snowy sportsy people so it wasn’t a surprise to hear we were doing something…OUTDOORS…

I had a fun time up there, lots of cool snow and ice sculptures were made, good food, and beautiful scenery. Ten out of ten would visit again.

Normally on the one or two days off from working at the bookstore I tend to lose my temporary immunity to the dusty dryness of the work environment. Every first workday back is a small inconvenient allergy fit of runny noses and sneezing. Having spent an extra day away from the bookstore, the allergies hit harder and early in the morning it’s hard to differentiate between allergies and catching a cold. It was a long weekend with closing shifts at the other job too, my mind was not completely up and aware of things… I had a small panic attack thinking I was getting sick. I can’t afford that! I can’t be sick around my kid! I have to pay all sorts of bills!!

Then I remembered that this happens every week and maybe the allergies will go away sooner if I drink more water.