A fellow bookseller who requested to go unnamed emailed Mike the other day with several anecdotes from her store. This one really made me shake my head and laugh:

yesterday at work i was in the music section. we used to have a listening system to preview music, but it doesn’t work anymore. company-wide, the system has been discontinued but our machines are still up albeit without any headphones. the screens are also clearly not on or working. yesterday a woman approaches me and asks if we have any headphones that work for listening to the music. i say, oh i’m sorry, the system isn’t actually working or updated and so there are no headphones. her reply? “oh, and i suppose i’m just supposed to believe you?!”

Fortunately, I have never had a customer say something like that to me because I don’t think I would be able to withstand the temptation to answer with the snarkiest snark. –Jason