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I just recently got this game. From what I can tell it’s still fairly new. And it’s a BLAST. A co-op game that can change in an instant to people creating teams, ganging up against other people, alliances, betrayals… Or still just a wonderful, simple teamwork game of surviving on an island until you can build some rafts to escape the inevitable hurricane.
Each action comes with a risk that changes the dynamic and your possible ability to contribute, bluffing games of people who have a gun trying to force you to do stuff, but do they have any bullets or not. The emergent aspects of this game are amazingly fun. The games only last maybe 20 minutes tops so it’s an easy choice to just reset and start a new game right after you finish one.
A great party game for up to 12 people and so much more interactive and entertaining than Naughty Apples to Apples.