New category changes happened…again… Which is a thing you can set your watch by. It happens with such frequency. We now have Business Motivation as a subsection again. It went away for a bit, but now it’s back! And Business Motivation brought friends! …those friends will most likely disappear in the near future.
Bargain books are the bane of every store’s existence. They order too much, and we can’t get rid of it. You want to make almost every bookseller and manager happy? Make bargain returnable to the vendor. Let us get rid of that crap!
Cafe…Cafe, cafe, cafe. You had a good thing going for a while. What is up with all of the terrible pastries now? Why keep the below average cannoli and chuck the cream puff? Why throw out the lemon bar and add the chipotle brownie? You knew where you stood with a lemon bar. It tasted like lemons. A chipotle brownie?! Really? What do I do with one of those? Add whipped cream or dip in some salsa?!