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While for most retail establishments the holiday set up has happened already, there is a second stage to it. Now that Halloween is officially out of the way, we have the real holiday set up come out from the overstuffed stockroom and bleed out onto the sales floor. No display is safe from the Christmas-ification. What once was a normal New Releases display has become Hottest Gifts For The Holidays! The kids section has turned into 8 flavors of Christmas hell and Grinch merchandise, the music department is overflowing with chintzy Hallmark movies and that awful, horrible muzak.
The check out lane is packed with displays full of novelties and items we never sell any other time of the year, stocking stuffers, socks, blankets, and candles.

These candles are powerful. I know they’re probably scented in a way to fill a modestly sized room, but having them all concentrated on one table can give people a headache. I am easily susceptible to odors, and as pleasant as some of these offerings can be, they can be way too much all at once. Passing by the display can leave me lightheaded…