Hey! It’s December! Buy some stuff for that special bookseller!I got a new shirt!

…Ugh….It’s December already. Holiday signs and displays, holiday music, holiday beverages… Well, those can be pretty okay. Peppermint hot chocolate is pretty tasty.

The displays I don’t understand that we put up every year are cooking, history, diets, and study aids. I don’t really understand why people would get a cookbook for mom and a history book for dad. That lacks any and all imagination. Actually look at what your parents are interested in and make gift purchases accordingly. You have 11 months to figure it out.
Diets are never a fun thing to do and giving someone a diet book as a gift isn’t tacky, it’s downright insulting.
Why are study aids taking up valuable holiday display real estate? The last thing a student wants during the holidays is a huge reminder of their low grades on their just recently completed year end Finals.

Ugh… Is December over yet?