There’s a new flavored syrup that came out a few days ago, smoked butterscotch. Now, there are people who like butterscotch and there are those that don’t. I enjoy a butterscotchery confection from time to time. It’s not my favorite but I can see how it could be for others. Adding smoke flavor to it was the worst mistake you could make. The aftertaste you’re left with is reminiscent of barbecue. That’s not really a thing I want to be reminded of when I take a sip of a Frappuccino. Did they have to add the Smoked part? Did they think of what kind of flavor it would evoke? Or did they just add the smoke flavor because Smoked Butterscotch sounds fancy?
Add it to the growing list of crappy new cafe disasters. Guys, really, just drop the smoked part and it’ll be fine.

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