I had a lot of fun with drawing this comic. To try and illustrate in the same styles as my influences and favorite comics was an enjoyable challenge. I think a lot of cartoonists and illustrators out there have been influenced by Bill Watterson like Bill Watterson was influenced by Charles Schultz. I don’t know about the rest of the cartoonists out there, but Calvin and Hobbes set my imagination on fire. I wish there was another year’s worth of this comic out there.

For Batman, I didn’t read many comics, I watched the Animated series as much as I could though. It’s nice to see that Bruce Timm animated DC comics stuff is still going strong with the DVD movies coming out every 6 months or so.

When I first started working at the bookstore a new(ish) version of Spiderman came out. Ultimate Spiderman. The art, writing, direction of the story, all popped out at me. I jumped ship around the Ultimate version of the clone saga. The artist changed and things got really complicated for me to follow any further.

The Farside is great Gary Larson’s single panel strip was weird, intelligent, goofy, crazy, incomprehensible, and ended too soon. Just like Calvin and Hobbes, I think there was another year or two of comics Larson could have done for the strip

I first came across Bone in that Disney Adventures magazine back in the day. They ran it for a disappointing length of only three issues (if memory serves correctly) and dropped it at a very tense cliffhanger. No word on where to pick more of it up or find out what happens. That act alone caused my view of Disney to lessen. It wasn’t about amazing art and story telling, it was about selling the Disney brand. I was a pretty disappointed 9 year old. So, YEARS later, opening up a box in the stockroom and laying my eyes and hands on a complete collection of Bone was pretty cool. That book is huge. It’s like over 900 pages or something like it.

Anime hooked me first, sadly, with Dragon Ball Z. To be fair, there really wasn’t anything else out at the time (besides Sailor Moon) that a 14-15 year old could find. I’m glad that, 11 years later, anime has become more widespread over here in the States, enough to saturate the market so some of my favorite shows can be had on the cheap. The complete Escaflowne series is like, 25 bucks. Compare that to when I bought it, 8 separate DVDs for 25 bucks. I’d pay that much again though, that show is still my favorite series.

Hentai, for those who don’t know, and I’d like for you to not go Google image searching (you’ll be scarred for life), is anime horror porn. Back in the day it was hard to find anime without it being mixed together in the stores with Hentai. Most DVD covers looked the same to the people stocking the shelves, girls, big eyes, some silly name like “Voogie’s Angels” or “Cowboy Bebop” and shoved them all in together. They never looked at the back covers of those DVDs. That whole “18 and up” sticker doesn’t mean anything to you?