The store I work at is surrounded by like, 9 schools. On school holidays or if they’re let out early, the comics and manga section is flooded with preteens. Any time I’ve walked past that area during after school hours there’s one type of girl that sits there reading a “Fruits Basket” book or “Baka Inu” or whatever, who always looks up guiltily from her book. Different girl every time, but they all have that same, “please don’t judge me” expression. I like to mess with their heads. Walking past them, I’ll sigh and shake my head.

In all honestly I couldn’t care less about what they’re reading. I’m not a huge manga fan, but the anime side of things, one need only look at the four DVD towers in my room to see that I may have spent a bit of money so I could watch men in pajamas scream and turn their hair a shiny yellow. And I enjoyed it too. Up to a point… Digression here. I grew out of that “Dragon Ball Z” just as it was getting popular. I compare that show to “Cowboy Bebop” or “Escaflowne” and Dragons and BallZ don’t hold a candle. My rule of thumb for anime viewing is to stick to shows that are under sixty episodes in length. 26 is the butter zone in my opinion. About ten hours. Something you can marathon through on a sick day or when there’s nothing better to do. …Or even if there is something better to do.

Also: This man is my hero and he has an album out. It’s fantastic.