Help Mike Make More Comics!

A story written by Mike! But not this Mike. A different Mike. I was given permission to turn this crazy fun idea into a comic strip, and here it is!

I’m really grateful any time someone thinks of sharing an idea with me, I can’t guarantee that every idea shared will turn into a comic, but I try my best to make it happen. Some ideas are so fully formed that all I have to do is draw it. That’s incredibly helpful at the moment too.
I moved my family to more affordable living (living with extended family) while paying off a lot of debt that was amassed over this past year due to helping my brother with some crazy legal issues. That move has caused me to be roughly 40 miles away from work.
I’ve done commutes before, and not having to pay rent is pretty nice and relieves a lot of stress, but commutes do take a toll.
My normal after work routine is thrown out of whack, there really isn’t a dependable time I can count on to be home and finding the energy to draw comics after 14 hour work days and 3 hour round trip commutes has been challenging. Add a growing child to all of that and I’m surprised I’m still getting anything done.
Thank you all for sharing stories, sharing my comics with others, supporting me in one way or another. It’s been a bright light for me to look to during all of this mess that I’m sorting through. I hope at some point finances will be at a stable enough place that I won’t have to work two jobs. If that time ever comes keep a look out for more comics by me. I’ve been wanting to make more stuff and share it all with you, but there are only so many hours in the day…