I got a sizable email from Allie a little while ago, in one section of it Allie shares a story with me and now I share it with you:

” A customer sees the Natalie Wood DVD box set we have and asks where the “Natalie Wood
section” is….ummmmmm??? I show her the Classics bay display that we have, but she’s
not satisfied. After some more prodding, she tells me she wants the documentary
about her life. I look it up online, and find out that it’s a TV movie. I tell her
that we generally do not carry TV movies (except HBO and Lifetime), and that we are
not able to order it, and we do not have it. She questions me on that…and again
asks to see the Natalie Wood section. I reiterate that SHE DOES NOT GET HER OWN
****ING SECTION (and to be nice, I look up the titles that she’s in that we do have)
and then I hear her quietly tell her husband that she’s still looking for the
Natalie Wood documentary. I don’t normally get angry at customers, but I do when
they think they know better than me. Which one of us has worked here for three
years, huh?!”

I’m right there with you, Allie! I can’t number the amount of customers I’ve had to field who think they know more than I do about working at a bookstore.

Thanks so much for the awesome email, Allie! You’ll more than likely see more of that email within the foreseeable future!