While working on this comic I was watching a Twitch stream of a group of people playing Dungeons and Dragons. I think that’s awesome. Nerd culture has normalized so much now that all the cool board games are spreading out to big box retailers. You can go to a local Target or Walmart and grab a copy of Codenames!
2001, back when I first started working for The Bookstore we had the tiniest section of books dedicated to Role Playing Games. Near the turn of that decade things took a turn for the geeky. Youtube and social media were championing our table top past times in ways that showed how worthwhile, fun, and safe these games actually were. Gone was the shameful “Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerd!!” cry from those who didn’t or wouldn’t understand how fun using your imagination could be, and thank goodness all of those uptight overzealous religious groups claiming that rolling plastic dice would damn our eternal souls faded away.
Board games and hobbies like them are normal. We have regular people, unashamed, buying games like Mysterium or Dixit.
Heck, I helped that married couple I showed in the comic here the three different versions of Dungeons and Dragons that we carried on the shelf!
It’s a good time to be alive and have hobbies. I just wish that my paycheck carried on a little longer. There are too many cool games!!!