I got an email a little while ago from Elizabeth who asked why I hadn’t done any sort of comics about the idle log off at the cash registers. Elizabeth, I got it done for ya! Hope you like it!

I understand the idle log off. It’s a nice security issue. Keeps other coworkers from purposefully or inadvertently messing up your assigned register. The thing that gets to me and was brought up by Elizabeth is “when you start doing something else (dusting, cleaning a display) and come back to ring someone up and check to make sure you don’t have log back in,
then, just as you scan the first item it logs you out and you don’t realize until
you’ve scanned the whole ten book order and then you look stupid starting over.”
I don’t know why the scanner still makes a beeping noise even when the computer is logged off. The scanner doesn’t even have to catch a bar code, sometimes while reaching over to fix the Godiva display it scans my name badge. What the dealio?