Got another awesome story from Abby that inspired today’s comic:

“I speak Spanish well enough to be able to stumble through an, say, order for a cake-
frosting, flavors, et cetera. When a mainly Spanish speaking customer came to the
bakery section hoping to order a cake, I helped her in broken Spanish, and she much
appreciated my efforts. The customer next in line, however, did not. Her words:
“You’re in AMERICA, SPEAK AMERICAN!!” She then went to my manager and told him that
she was going to tell the police that he’d hired illegal immigrants who couldn’t
speak “American”.”

While neither my brother Jason or I speak Spanish, that hasn’t stopped Jason from learning a bunch of other languages. The first panel showcases his extensive knowledge of Tagalog, the language of the Philippines.

Abby! Thanks again for sharing your stories with me!