Lance Armstrong was, for me, just another successful athlete. When news broke that people accused him of doping SOMETHING to win all those tour de France things I didn’t see much fuss about it. Losers can whine all they want. Then Lance went out and confessed that he did dope up. It’s getting kind of farcical with how many sports “heroes” from the mid to late nineties were ‘roiding up. The funny thing looking back, Lance had already confessed his guilt by titling his book “it’s not about the bike.” It just took a while for it to catch up to him.

Anyone enjoy that little podcast thing i did with John and Jason? I had a blast doing it. The set up was as close to what it was like while all three of us were working at the same bookstore. It’s a way to share the insane conversations that inspired a lot of the 700+ comics you’ve read. I have another one that should be going up Friday/Monday. Hope you found them even the tiniest bit fun.