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Bargain books and calendars. Two sides of the same coin. We will never be able to see one side without dealing with a gigantic backlog of the other. Calendars take up a significant amount of space on the sales floor where bargain usually is displayed. Calendars are also a seasonal product so people buy them mostly during the finishing months of the year. That same time of year of course is the crazy holiday season and every department is trying to ship us WAY TOO MANY BOOKS to fit into any shelf but bargain has even LESS space because of the holiday calendar set up. We are constantly at war with these two types of product and the battle always turns to the calendars. Those sell way better than anything bargain has by comparison. Bargain always loses and yet they send us 75% of the yearly bargain stock all within the last quarter of the year. The bargain languishes in the stockroom, not making any sales, then gets immediately shifted into the clearance bins January first. It seems like a whole lot of wasted time and resources to ship all that stuff out and then sell it for even less than what the bargain price was asking for.
Guys, no one cares about the bargain books. You can cut the whole thing out and no one will notice for at least 5 months.