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Some people can be incredibly creative when it comes to their laziness.
We’ve been getting all of these odd robot peek-a-boo plush toys in lately, elephants, rabbits, and bears. They all have the same voice recorded for the peek-a-booing too. Throwing them all together and playing them at the same time can be pretty entertaining to watch if you give your coworkers no warning of what you’re about to do.

Anyway, after the peek-a-boo toys we got in the storytelling stuffed animals. Mother Goose, a Dragon reading fairy tales, a bear reading “Night Before Christmas,” and now Mama Llama reading about Red Pajamas.

It’s a cute picture book but whoever they got to read this thing for the llama toy has the most annoying, condescending voice. It hearkens back to that terrible PBS show based of off those equally terrible Caillou books. You feel insulted listening to it. Like, shut up, I know Llama Llama wants his mama, you don’t have yo use that tone.
Anyway anyway, I think it’s only a matter of time before an irresponsible parent dumps their kid off in the Childrens Section with a robot Llama to go grab a cup of coffee and get some errands done. I hate those types of parents, especially now that I am myself a parent, and these robots are only going to give them ideas.