Abby emailed me a little while ago with some stories I’m finally getting around to (sorry!!!! life got super busy!)

Today’s comic is inspired from Abby’s experience:

“I was [working] in Starbucks for this one. A -for lack of better words- very blonde young
woman came to the booth and demanded “Diet Water”. “We… have tap water, do you
want that? Or you can buy a bottle of water at the register-” “NO, GOD. I want DIET
water. It has LESS CALORIES than regular water. GOD, are all Starbucks people this

…the last I checked, water had no calories. Is there a real diet water out there that somehow gives negative calories? I’m sure that if there was that stuff would be flying off the shelves.

Abby! Thank you for the stories! I’m working hard on getting more of them drawn up!