I got this email from Jade just yesterday:

“So this only happened about ten minutes ago. I am emailing from the breakroom,
while it’s still fresh, so I can get it over with and never have to think about it
I was walking out of the kid’s section where I am the only person there, and passing
the bathrooms I see that someone has dropped something grey on the floor. Thinking
it was a paper towel, I go to pick it up and put it in the trash.
It was a thong. A nasty, no-longer-white sort of grey thong, made to fit a lady of
small size and lacy on the back.
Rather than ever touch anything like that, ever, seriously ever, I went and found
the manager. I got as far as “Someone left a thong–” before his response was “NO No
NO NONONONO. NOOOOOOOOOO.” With tools and a lot of cleaning supplies, we
transplanted it to the ladies’ room trash.
I do not understand.
I hope never to understand.
That is all.”

I’ll let the email speak for itself.

Jade, thanks for sharing! I hope you’re not scarred for life too!