Thanks to Joe for requesting I do a strip about this new take on the Reader’s Advantage program!

In the morning meetings when the new Reader’s Advantage stuff was brought up I saw that even some of the managers were rolling their eyes at how illogical the whole thing was. It’s kind of depressing to see how the higher ups are keeping the e reader market and the brick and mortar market as separate as possible. Maybe it’s easier to track that way or something, but I don’t think they should get an excuse for that. They get paid huge amounts of money compared to what us grunts do to think up Big Decisions such as repackaging bargain boxes for better flow during the receiving/sorting hours or moving displays from one end of the store to the next for no discernible reason. Is it that hard to track nük sales and discount card sales together? It feels like they don’t care about the stores anymore. They were once so proud of how the company provided the very best customer service, but now we have a device that doesn’t need to provide human interaction.