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Trevor shared a story with me about a coworker helping a customer find a book and then asking, “Do you need anything else?” and the customer said exactly what’s in the comic. It took a moment or two for them to realize the customer wasn’t asking for a book “Are you single?” They were asking for a date.

And on the other side of things, or maybe because of all the guys out there asking if women are single and available, we have the women say they have a boyfriend. I’d like to say that for the most part it’s true. If you are in anyway attractive, and not a crazy person, you have a significant other in your life. But I’d also say that if you’re in a retail/customer service area you’re going to have people ask if you need help. It’s kind of our job to ask. We aren’t looking for a date, we are looking out to make sure our managers keep off our backs about this whole “selling” thing and “customer satisfaction” thing, and “greeting people” thing. …and not hiding in the stock room and eating goldfish crackers thing.