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The music department is really limping along now. Not every store has this problem, but the four stores I worked in that had a music and dvds section were all flagging behind in sales goals. Up until the Criterion sales, but that’s a whole different thing altogether.

Walking through that department to help put away a customer hold or to check on the security gate alarm going off, it’s sad to see maybe one customer browsing the vinyls or blu-rays. We’ve had more corrugate displays depicting humans than having actual humans in there.

Also, what’s the deal with all of those life size cardboard displays of celebrities, musicians, actors, and writers and stuff? Does it catch the attention better than a shelf loaded with their products? It spooked me every time I walked past that James Patterson display before opening hours and now we have a growing number of them stationed in the music department.

It fills my heart with hope that people are shopping in there when I quickly glance in there only to have that hope dashed to pieces to see that it’s still only Josh Groban, Diana Krall, and the embalmed corpse of Tony Bennett being exhumed once again for a new album of duets. Let the man rest!!