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With the floods, hurricanes, fires, and other natural disasters hitting everyone, it’s been a tough time for a lot of unlucky people. Roads closing, houses getting burned to the ground or washed away. It’s tough to keep things in perspective sometimes. We’ll hopefully all be able to get through it all, and I hope that in some small part I’m helping by keeping things a little silly around here.
I got a couple of emails from some booksellers that were affected by the Santa Rosa fires in Northern California. From Allyson:

“Hey, I’m the receving manager at the Santa Rosa Booksellers. As you may have heard our part of the world is currently on fire. We were closed for two days but now we are open as a place to be for people in our town (at least until the mandatory curfew cut off.) Things are scary and uncertain at the moment but customers have come in and have been happy to see us. But what they dont see is booksellers not having a place to be, losing their homes too and all of us having minor meltdowns in the back room. While we are still doing what we need to do, we are all in a state of panic. My back room reminds me of a the “goodbye” window in preschool. Us trying to keep it together but not quite making it. But I guess that’s what we have to do.

Sonoma county was peaceful…until the fire nation attacked.”

And from Kelsey:

“My dear friend works the back at our Northern California store. Because the recent wildfires prevented us from getting shipments for a whole week ON TOP OF Christmas approaching, she’s been getting 200-300 boxes every day (a normal day would be 80).

As you can see in the picture, there’s no room for anyone to come back and help her, even if they did allow the hours.”

That’s a crazy amount of boxes for a store that averages 80… I hope things slow down enough for you all to be able to get ahead of it. You all are amazing! We are all rooting for you!