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I’ve seen this cycle time and again. This past Fiscal Year End was as awful as it could have been. Haven’t seen any other years as frustrating as the one that just past.
But! But, once the dust settles we’re usually treated to a “Hey, it wasn’t as bad as we thought! Here’s some Payroll Hours!” from Home Office and things can go back to some semblance of normalcy.

Although, if someone hasn’t gotten their hours adjusted, management was probably paying attention to those who called out sick one too many times during the tough weeks that we all just suffered through, they probably paid attention to attitudes, how productive you were, all sorts of little things that can add up to a decision that most scheduling managers probably don’t like dealing with. You may be the nicest person in the world, but if you can’t get X done in Y hours, even when hours are plentiful, they aren’t really going to use valuable payroll on someone who’s on their phone, late returning from a break, complains all the time, or talks back to management.

We need to get stuff done, and this month is catch up time. We can’t be wasting anything anymore, and it sucks. Some of those people who get scheduled less are awesome people. I’ve lost Magic the Gathering Buddies from those schedules. But if it takes them four hours to shelve a cart of fiction and it takes Jane only forty minutes, who are you going to give those hours to in the end?