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I still enjoy seeing all the fandom get excited of tiny morsels of information of Harry Potter stuff. Just the mere mention of two potential books coming out in the future gets a lot of people to gleefully “Squee!” over The Boy Who Lived. With that tiny morsel of info comes the many people thinking anyone who works at a random bookstore will have some sort of Insider Information about what the two books are going to cover in story, theme, and scope. We know absolutely nothing, and I think J K Rowling and the publishers would like to keep it that way for the next however many years. It doesn’t stop people from calling us up and asking about them.
My guess, if we’re being realistic, well, as realistic as magical secret societies and wizard battles, Harry Potter, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and everyone else have some serious PTSD and other issues to get through in those 19 years since the battle of Hogwarts. Happy endings after disastrous war are sadly few and far between. Harry’s probably dealing with flashbacks, Ginny may have an anxiety disorder, their kids aren’t really able to connect with them because “they weren’t there, man.”

But I really hope J K Rowling is able to dig up some more fun, magical stories that made her previous seven novels so much fun to read.