The only reason why that stupid Kim Kardashian “Selfish” book sold so well was due to her taking as many selfie-style pin up/cheesecake pictures as possible for the underage boy to ogle while their parent was busy buying a caramel hazelnut soy milk mocha whatever abomination at the cafe. Kim is only famous because she whored herself out with a d-list rapper.
Khloe hasn’t made a sex tape to anyone’s knowledge (yet) and her book isn’t about being naked in spite of the stupid title being “Strong looks better Naked” so there have been people questioning the existence of such a title getting published.
My coworker pointed out that the timing of this is too coincidental. Khloe has been all over the tabloids, that vapid TV show of theirs is focusing more on Khloe at the moment too. It’s almost as if it was all planned to keep her name in circulation to get as much attention as possible for Khloe, her book, and the countless other products they shill out.