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A lot of the times we can spot the “Secret Shopper” from a mile away. Constantly checking marks off in a notebook or consistently looking at their phone after every small interaction. A lot of the times as well we can predict when the secret shopper will come into the store to evaluate how our training and customer service skills measure up to the company standards. They will typically arrive on a holiday, holiday weekend, or a known busy day for the business.

Once they’re recognized a group of booksellers will not exactly swarm them, but they’ll make dang sure that they’re noticed doing all the things the company wants us to do while we’re on the clock.
There was one time a score came back from a Secret Shopper Evaluation that got things so wrong in who helped them, no definitive details of employees, no real idea of the layout of the store, and no physical evidence on security cameras showing that they actually set foot into our store that we challenged their assessment to find that, yeah, they made the whole thing up. You’re paid to go in and shop and you couldn’t even be bothered to do that? Seriously?