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This is the time of awful holiday music. Terrible garbage that home office mandates we play and supplies the updated software discs for our muzak player. Music that home office employees don’t have to listen to for hours on end. I wonder if they take a sick pleasure out of making sure the worst iterations of the same six holiday songs are played out in four hour loops, haunting our waking nightmare that is working the holidays…

My brother works in a grocery store where COUNTRY holiday music was playing and enough customers complained about how detestable the music was that if they want return business they’d better switch to something much more suitable to the background. If only we could be so lucky to have that sort of clientele make those requests for us.

I think for non retail people, a little bit of garish Christmas music only helps foster the mood and season for them. It’s music that they barely listen to while looking at their shopping lists and say no to our questions about memberships and gift cards. It doesn’t get to them like it gets to me.

That’s why I’m wondering if I could switch out the music with my own playlists. Bypass the audio outputs with my own device and play what I want to hear and claim it as foreign holiday traditional carols. Would anyone notice during the mad holiday rush?