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I got hired back in 2001. My orientation experience is hopefully not the same as what we’re giving people nowadays. Mine consisted of being handed a PDT device and told to sort out those kids books over there. Oh, and a small tour of the different sections of the store. Outside of that I was left to sink or swim. I’d like to think I’ve been pretty good at this metaphorical swimming.
Unlike Mike in the comic, I’ve been trying to find the new hires and show them the ropes in a way I wish I had gotten back when I was first brought on. Give them nice tricks to help speed up shelving, letting them know the ins and outs of how to read and work a PDT, letting them know that questions will come up and to not be afraid to ask.
Granted, I’ve been burned a lot in trying to help coworkers. Some of these people… How do they get through the hiring and interview process? They’re as dumb as bricks some of these employees. In a positive angle, they do make the good employees look even better.