I got an interesting email from Gavin. He writes:
“You know Joel Osteen, the religious guy who looks like science had merged the DNA of Tim Allen and Marc Summers (you can’t unsee it)? A woman once bought fifteen copies of his latest book in hardcover bargain. She was the only customer on line, so I chatted her up a bit. She was saying that she really enjoys Osteen’s writings and that she gives these out to people. To prove her point, she handed me one on the spot. I thanked her for it and she went off on her day. Then it dawned on me how awkward it was. Do I really just go to my manager and say “This book with no receipt is mine”? Do I put it back and screw with the inventory? After a moment of thinking, I just printed out a gift receipt and returned it for credit when it came time for my break. Thank you, Mr. Osteen!”