m pretty sure the store I work at isn’t the only place that throws parties for people leaving the store. Most parties though, I would assume, are the “we’ll miss you, good luck in your future endeavors” type parties.

“Pat’s” real life departure was quiet and quick. He knew by the end of his run that no one liked–let alone tolerated– him in the slightest. This comic is more of a fantasy of mine where we as a collective group of employees would throw a party for his leaving while he was still there. It wasn’t soon enough when he finally left. I’ve had over ten years worth of managers come in and out of the store and I can say with authority that Pat is the worst human being that was ever given stewardship over a retail store. If there is any sort of karmic justice in a retail environment, Pat would only be allowed part-time employment at a “Hot Dog on a Stick” in a mall food court working under the supervision of an 18 year old high school drop out.