I got an email from Lisa a few weeks ago. She wrote: “About a year ago, I was working cashwrap when a well dressed lady came through the line. Her hair was styled, business suit, an executive type. She had picked out a couple of the “Business/Management” books, and while rooting through her purse for payment, informed me that she had just attended a “webinar” – a seminar that took place online – and that she had received a gift certificate for participating. She then tried to pay…
…with the picture of a gift card.

It was the same picture that corporate uses on all the promotional advertising for events – bookseller tan with all the legal “not a real gift card, seriously, not legal tender” all over the back. I informed her that we could not accept a picture of a gift card as payment, at which point she asked to speak to a manager. The manager let the woman know that her “gift card” wasn’t real, and didn’t have a gift card number. The lady left, swearing that she was going to contact the webinar people and get her moneys worth.”

The story was great. One pretty clueless lady if you ask me. Now, one of the reasons it took so long for me to turn the story into a comic was my efforts it trying to avoid the obvious joke. “Oh, you have a picture of a gift card? Here’s a picture of the book you want” kind of thing. Another reason for the late adaptation is that my email client has been on the fritz for odd maintenance stuff.

I thought that carrying the cluelessness further would be a fun thing to explore. Those plastic hotel keys I always thought looked like credit cards. Especially the cards from the fancy hotels.
Those Jesus bucks actually annoy me more than give me a better view on religion. They look pretty convincing on the front, like it may be a real 20 bucks sitting there on the bathroom sink, the dim lighting helps too, but when you turn the dollar over for closer inspection and find bible verses, your hopes are dashed. There’s got to be a better way to spread that bible message than lying. Forget the bigger picture of Heaven and hell and stuff, I could have had 20 bucks!