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I can see why people get behind following sports teams. It’s fun to see almost superhuman abilities put to the test. Seeing a team of people specially trained in a very specific way go up against another team of people in some sort of contest can be exhilarating.

The Hockey thing that people watch is a big deal where I grew up. The San Jose Sharks have made a good showing every year to win THE HOCKEY THING, and I’ve dabbled in following along from time to time. Once the advent of Facebook and Twitter happened I found it much easier to let other people do that for me.

I go on the Social Medias, scroll through for about 30 seconds and see that the game is tied. “Cool, go Sharks.” I get back to writing comics and drawing giraffes. If I’m super interested I can check a couple of highlight videos out on YouTube in a few minutes.
The Internet is a wonderful thing.