I got an amazing email from Nathan: “My customer of the day: I’m shelving in the Law section when I get cornered by this mid-forties woman who couldn’t help but tell me how much she loves to read Star Wars, Star Trek, any sci-fi whatsoever. I smile and nod and move across the cross-aisle to start shelving Biography. The woman follows me and continues talking, telling me how her mother won’t allow her to read erotic romance. I continue smiling and nodding. She then grabs my arm, pulls me closer, and tells me she doesn’t know what it’s like to have sex with a man nor what it’s like to date a man. When her mother “kicks the bucket,” she’s going to read some erotic romance so she can know what that’s like.”

Thanks so much for that email! I think this was one comic that translated SO well from the story.
Also, sorry for the late update, I ran out of time before work. At least it’s up, eh?