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I am pretty happy to see this product brought into our bookstores. This little bottle of coverup smelly stuff has helped avoid awkward moments when guests are over and need the use of my bathroom. While the product is not intended as an aerosol, it does the trick nicely when applying it to surfaces. The oil tends to stick around better than just spraying the air, and if you’re applying it to certain clientele that frequent your store, that’s the closest they’ve come to a bath in a long time.
We had a nasty homeless guy come in daily to our store for about a month and I wish we had some Poopourri when he was there. His smell would overtake half of the store and when he entered the restroom you had to air it out for the rest of the day. No human should ever smell that bad. His homeless odor would cover up and overpower other homeless odors. I hope he got his act together in some form or fashion. There are clinics and shelters out there that are set up to help people get back on their feet, I’ve donated to them in the past, but a lot of those who go homeless have something not quite clicking in their mind and from where I’m at I have no idea how to help them. Also, the smell can really get to me to the point that I’ve gagged and almost lost my lunch. I can’t have that hanging out in my store and they have to go.