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We were shipped literal tons of toys and books on the daily during the holidays, and it’s not going to calm down until mid-January. Everything that was purchased leading up to Christmas is coming back into the store. It’s not going to be pleasant. If you have a receiving manager at your location, please be kind to them.

Speaking of the receiving managers, they are the first and last guard of what’s shipped in and out of the store. They pretty much have first dibs on anything that may catch their fancy in the midst of furiously opening boxes of books and other various merchandise. It wasn’t uncommon to see John grab a Funko Pop figure or two for himself, or have one set aside for another bookseller.

Years ago I was walking past the Star Wars aisle in Toys R Us watching a kid search through all the Luke Skywalker figures to find the Special edition Longer Lightsaber toy. Kid should have known that it was in the hands of a low-paid, part time employee.