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Home office made such a huge deal about the nük crap back in the day. Huge strict on sale dates, a lot of posters and print outs, secretive dates on when we could start talking to customers about the new tablet coming out… I thought it was a huge was of time back then, and it seems that my thoughts have finally mirrored that of home office. They wasted so much on the nük brand when all we had to do was show that we had a tablet and e-reader for sale. It wasn’t a big deal back when it was launched because everyone already had smartphones back then. The e-reader market is more niche than what many thought or hoped and that market is flooded with an assortment of tablets that, if lined up end to end, could probably wrap around the earth a few times.
At least the tablets and devices on offer now aren’t terrible. The screens themselves are touch pads rather than that stupid touch bar thing. Battery life is better, more storage, backlit, side-lit, whatever stuff. They fill a particular hole for a particular customer base, just like different genres of books.

Anyway, there’s a new one out now I guess. I haven’t seen it, but it’s supposedly for sale now. We’re still waiting for the initial shipment…