Rachel’s problems with these Beats Headphones didn’t stop here there’s more to her story:

“I managed to get the headphones free of my hair but they went skidding off the side of the other counter. I left them, grabbed the phone apologized to the customer, ordered what they wanted then went to check and see what damage I had done to The headphones. Thank goodness they were ok. I put them back on and struggled through the rest of the day with them stuck to my neck till I got a horrible headache and got sick at my stomach, took them off and put them in the locked drawer. Got up the next morning not feeling too great, my husband asked why my face was so red, I said I didn’t know, didn’t think anything about it but noticed my neck and face were hot and itchy. A coworker and then a manager asked what in the world had happened to my neck. Looked in the bathroom mirror and discovered I had a rash all the way around my neck. IM ALLERGIC TO THE HEADPHONES!”

Rachel, your suffering at the hands of Beats by Dr. Dre has hopefully ended, yes? Thanks so much for sharing this story!