I got an email from Amanda a little while ago detailing a parent she dealt with: “A dad came into my department looking for a diary for his 8 year old daughter. Not that odd, so I showed him our assortment of diaries, including the ones that are more fill in the answers to random questions. One of the journals had spots in it where the kids could write funny things that animals were saying in the speech bubbles. The dad was flipping through this one and I kid you not said, ‘This one won’t do. My wife and I are very religious and we don’t allow anything with talking animals.’
“I managed to not comment or even make any sign that what he had said was unusual. But all I could think was, “what does religion have to do with it?” but more importantly, “No talking animals means that the poor kid isn’t allowed to watch a majority of Disney movies, or even read most of the picture books out there.’”

I also wonder what religion has to do with not liking talking animals. I’m sure there’s a couple passages in the Old Testament about some donkey talking or something.
Anyways, thanks so much for the email, Amanda! I think it turned into a pretty fun comic!